Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart's Beat : Once again

Dear you,
We met on His will
By the chance He given
We become friends
You always there for me
Without hesitation

Dear you,
Day to day we go through together
And getting closer
We put trust on each other
Make the promises and keep it forever

Dear you,
Being with you all the sadness were gone
You wipe all my tears away
You lend me your shoulders
And also your ears
Without any regulation

Dear you,
I'm sorry I broke the promises
Leaving you and hurting you
Dear you,
I'm sorry I broke the promises
I'm not there besides you while I'm needed
You live by yourself without any regrets
I'm so sorry

Dear you,
I miss you and all our times that we been go through
I miss you and I don't want to lose you
I miss you and our friendship that we build together

Just once again
And it will be last forever


  1. tetibe rasa nk bukak n tetibe baru update...4 taun akan dtg baru bleh post on da same date...