Friday, December 30, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. oh hello brothers & sisters (",)

today.. i want to talk about perfection.
yeah.. PERFECTION...
in malay --> kesempurnaan

so.. i want to ask u guys out there... 
Does perfection really exist? i mean in human behavior. 
does it really exist?
really... really EXIST?

put your hands up if your answer is "YES" 
and shake your head if your answer is "NO"
 thanks..! u guys rock!

And for me...
the perfection is does not really exist.. 
yeahh.. frankly speaking.. 
there is NO perfection
in this world.. 

there is no body perfect except HIM.. right?
as a human.. we really can't be PERFECT.. 
the reason is... we still have weaknesses in ourselves.. 


Allah had created us with weaknesses.. 
that's why we need to give try to be perfect.. 

and quoting Hlovate.. 
"you'll never reach perfection because there's 
always room for improvement"

yepp... agree..!

 sometimes we might think that we already perfect in something.. but 
the real is.. 
we might less in something else..
so.. it does not mean that we did not have to be perfect.. 
but yet, we'll learn to get better 
along the way for perfection.. 

only HE can define the perfection in what we do.. 
so.. why not we just do something as perfect as we can.. (◕‿-)
leave the rest to HIM... 

till then.. may peace be upon to u.. 


  1. and even the word 'manusia' means 'lupa'.. so thats already one point on our weakness.. ;)

    anyway.. nice post.. ;)

  2. aainaa~

    yeah.. no body perfect. (◕‿-)
    thanks... XD

    "bajet ckp omputeh tak"? haha... ade aku kesah...