Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011...

Assalamualaikum.. oh hello brothers & sisters..

today is the last day of 2011.. hoorayyyy!!!
time moves very fast huh..
so guys... its been a year already...
seems like it just yesterday i created "to-do" lists for 2011...
yeah. times run very fast... 
so guys.
how is your 2011?

what happened in this year? what you had achieved?
all your to-do lists had been done?
are you satisfied with your 2011?
me? i am just satisfied. XD

My 2011's short stories

  • Thanks to Allah... i have a niece.. very cute niece XD
    congratulations to my brother and sis in law.. (◕‿-)
    for having a baby... and congrats to my mum for being a grandma in such a young age.. haha
    her name is
    Nur Qaisara Sofia..
    here she is.... was born on 21st April 2011..

after 8 months.. here she is....

  • My result for 6th term is err... oh i don't wanna talking about that.
    it just worst. horrible. terrible. and
    i need to repeat 1 paper... yeah. serious.
    that things happen have a reason. the reason is...
    i'm not giving my best on that paper.

    yeah.. my bad. i know.

  • working with my mum. 1 month. (on the fasting month only)
    yeah.. selling foods, kueh-mueh, etc... at Bazar Ramadhan.
    term break just too long...
    so.. get a chance fasting with my family for 1 month. it just wonderful XD

  • 7th term started.. that's mean i am a final year students.... hooraayyyy!!!
    errr... i am not that happy :p
    only a year left before graduate... and
    i will give my full blasts on it... pang..!! pang !! booommmm!!!! nice shot!
    and gonna make my final year.. AWESOME... !!!!
My new things in this year
  • new cell phone... Sony Ericsson W8 (E16i).. thanks mum.. she bought for me..
    that is my salary for working with her
    actually... haha. thanks anyway mum. XD

  • new novels... i just bought 18 novels this year.. huh?? that much? seriously?
    yeah.. i am serious. 2 Malay novels and 16 English novels.

  • new shoes.. converse. nice one XD and new sandals... just bought it last week XD

    so guys.. 2012? just around the corner... its coming...
    make your 2012's to-do lists now... and make sure to accomplish it.. *wink2*
    i gonna give my full blasts too... get ready...
    fire in the hold... (◕‿-)

    .: Happy New Year :.

    till then... may peace be upon to you...

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  1. may this year leave a meaningful moments to you..
    may next year brings a lot of happiness..