Thursday, November 22, 2012

The "line" #1


Today I wanna talk about "line".

Line is separating two spaces. Heaven and Hell. 
Separate two things. Life and Death.  

It also separates you and me. 
Secrets lie between us. Not just you but with others too. 
There is something that nobody knows. Except Allah. 
That’s the line I drew since we are friend. 
I’m not perfect. As human, I also did something bad in life. 
But past is past. Life goes on. 
I live for now and for the future. 
But still there will be a secret between us. 
Now and then.
As human being, I still need privacy. Not just me I thought. 
Everybody needs.

I know you could do the same one fine day. 
But there is an important thing that you need to know and remember. 
I will give you spaces as much as you need. 
Because I know that is your privacy and I've to respect it.

I do hope that the "line" is not creating gap between us.


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